August 21, 2019

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About Us is a publishing platform for U.S. Law Firms, created for the benefit of the individuals and businesses in U.S. who are seeking information about legal matters. This consumer resource of articles about the law was also created to give consumers and businesses access to high quality legal representation by U.S. Law Firms.

This website will list only up to five law firms in each market and practice area. Each firm is permitted to post a profile describing its background, experience, strengths and services for the benefit of the individuals and businesses that may be interested in retaining the firm. Also, attorneys with the firms listed on have the opportunity to publish informative legal articles of relevance to U.S. consumers and businesses.

And Justice For All was created with the goal of building the preeminent worldwide network of global websites, so that people seeking to learn more about the law or to connect with an attorney or law firm can do so anywhere in the world. As part of our mission to give back, we donate 10% of all of our profits to charities benefiting people in our communities and to organizations protecting wildlife, animals, and the environment.